Together with the male grooming team I lead the design development of the Philips S6000 Shaver in 2017. 
To mention a few of the key team members: Peter Gal, Alan Nguyen, Frank Verbrugge, Maren Baake, Remco DeWit, 

Building on the strong identity of Philips’ shaving range, this an evolution of the design language and signature elements. Designed for men who previously used manual blades, this shaver offers a more skin-friendly solution where you can also shave with foam - which is creating a more skin friendly wet shave. 

The design is reminiscent of manual blade tools, with an explicit focus on the grip as well as communicating the skin protecting benefits via materials and patterns. The metallized surfaces radiate quality and value. All seeing to be an attractive alternative for current blade users that look for a more skin friendly solution than their current blade. The UI only appears when needed, with a focus on ease of use before, during and after shaving.
We were honoured to be rewarded with both an IF, Red Dot, Good Design and Spark design award for this project. 
All pictures are copyright to Philips. 

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